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Sugar Shift®
Starter Culture

Here’s all the good stuff we put inside.

And, naturally, it’s alive!


Our proprietary strains

are from Martha’s wild

fermentation cultures

grown and isolated in


  • Bacillus subtilis (DE111)

    Known as hay bacillus. Found in grass, soil and the human GI tract. Modulates pH. Reduceds protein aggregation. It”s even musical! (think sound waves)

  • Bifidobacterium

    This is one of the most common of the probiotics. Produces enzymes that repair oxidative damage.

  • Bifidobacterium

    A symbioitic and early beneficial colonizer of healthy gut. It also aides in amino acid synthesis and increases the bioavailabilty of certain minerals.

  • Leuconostoc

    Primarily found on the skins of fruits and vegetables. Key in sauerkraut and produces mannitol from glucose and fructose.

  • Lactobacillus

    Found in dairy, plants, human & animal GI tracts. Breaks down proteins & increases amino acid absorption. Immune boosting & anti-inflammatory.

  • Lactobacillus

    Sourced from Colorado wild fermented fruit. Key to many fermented foods. Fights off pollutants. Helps with recycling iron and copper. Eases bloating and stomach pains.

  • Lactobacillus

    Produces B vitamins. Immune- and neuro-modulating. Produces antimicrobial peptides that inhibit harmful bacteria, protozoa, fungi.

  • Pediococcus

    Produces many natural antibiotics. Key in sauerkraut and produces a great number of enzymes.

  • Lactobacillus

    Immune and pathogen control through the production of antimicrobial substances which inhibit foodborne pathogens like listeria and salmonella.

Other ingredients:

D-mannitol, Stearic acid

(vegetable source),

Microcrystalline Cellulose

(MCC), Hydroxypropyl

Methylcellulose (HPMC)

vegetarian capsule.

We want you to know what’s not in there.

Soy, GMOs, Glutens & Dairy (Oh, and did we mention it’s vegetarian?)

Find the perfect probiotic for you!

Sugar Shift®

is our best-selling,
patent-pending product.

It’s groundbreaking
feature is the way it
converts glucose and
fructose into mannitol.

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Our premier probiotics have been developed to target solutions

that help support and improve collective health and wellness.