Bringing innovation to life.

Our BioFlux® model analyzes complex data sets
to predict microbial interactions. The result is focused
and function-driven formulas that really work!


We are raising expectations and providing probiotic solutions

to address collective health issues that begin in the gut.

Have you met Dr. Raul Cano?

We are blessed to have Dr. Raul Cano, PhD. on our team. Raul is a prominent figure in the field of microbiology, renowned for his groundbreaking contributions as a microbial ecologist, paleomicrobiologist, professor, author, and research scientist. His pioneering work has not only advanced our understanding of ancient microbial life but also revolutionized the field of microbiology.

BioFlux® helps create the microbial “dream team” we put in every product, so you can expect it to just work better.

Our proprietary BioFlux® metabolic model connects the dots to determine how various organisms influence the structure and function of microbial communities. This system is ideal for new product development, existing product analysis and optimization, and strain evaluation.

BioFlux® leverages over 2,500 strain genomes,1700 metabolites, metagenomic microbiome data sets, a proprietary strain bank and predictive analytics for novel functional formula development. And we are proud to say BioFlux® is ours and makes our products stand out.

We are pushing the
boundaries of traditional
scientific thinking.

Our mission is to change the face of formulation

science by naturally restoring the gut

microbiome with the market’s first function-

driven probiotic formulas.

We think it’s the little things the can make the biggest difference

We are backed by our parent company, The BioCollective, and a team of leading research scientists, board members, and dedicated staff.

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